2024 IEEE R10 Strategic Planning & New Initiatives Committee

By Takako Hashimoto

“Considering the upcoming 2028 Region Realignment, as Chair of the SPNIC, I pledge to lead with a vision of inclusivity and innovation, embracing diverse perspectives for a stronger, united IEEE R10.”

In 2024, the IEEE R10 Strategic Planning & New Initiatives (SPNI) Committee will promote growth and successful regional operations. The committee is composed of diverse members from various parts of the Region, including Prof. Seishi Takamura (Tokyo), Prof. Nia Kurnianingsih (Indonesia), Prof. Basabi Chakraborty (Sendai), Prof. Parkash Lohana (Karachi), Prof. Nirmal Nair (New Zealand North), and Mr. Vijay S Paul (Victoria). Our primary objectives include supporting new initiatives and programs that are expected to empower members and communities and preparing for the upcoming Region realignment in 2028.

The 2024 committee plan encompasses various projects and tasks. Key initiatives include the ‘New Initiatives Program Fund,’ which supports inter-committee projects on themes like diversity, inclusion, and addressing underserved memberships. The committee also emphasizes the importance of member participation from current members and non-members. Another significant project focuses on the successful execution of the region realignment, involving publicizing information to the general membership through various channels such as social media and web platforms.

The committee operates with a proper structure, budget, and timeline to ensure the effective execution of these plans. Major milestones include calls for proposals, reviews, and receiving reports, throughout the year to maximize participation and impact.

Overall, the 2024 R10 SPNI Committee’s plan is a strategic blend of fostering innovative projects and preparing for significant regional structural changes. The committee’s efforts are directed toward addressing current needs and setting a strong foundation for the future, especially considering the impending Region realignment.

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