IEEE R10 Newsletter Article Submission 2024

This form is the prescribed form for the submission of activities reporting and other writing by organizational units under IEEE Region-10 (R10). Please read the “Submission Guidelines” below and complete the form accordingly. Mandatory boxes must be filled to enable submission.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your article:

  • Each OU has to enter its unique IEEE Geo Code for submitting the article. If the OU belongs under a Section, the name and email of the Section Chair are required as the endorser. Putting the endorser information indicates his/her consent in submitting this article in R10 Newsletter, so he/she should at least be aware of the submission.
  • Only one submission (one article with one image attachment) per OU is allowed. If the OU intends to report multiple events, they are recommended to summarize the events into a single article and make upto two images for the events.
  • For articles from Section/Subsection/Council, the maximum length is 300 words. For other OUs, the maximum length is 150 words. Please make sure that the basic information about the event(s) such as date, venue, organizer, number of participants, and speakers (if applicable), are mentioned in the article as well as in the form (there are specific fields in the form asking for this info). The maximum number of images in the article is two in the size of 1240 x 1755.
  • An article that is not selected in this issue, may be resubmitted to an upcoming issue for consideration, provided the reported events are still within the last 6 months. In any case, R10 Newsletter Committee’s decision will be considered final.

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