IEEE R10 Director’s Message

2024 marks IEEE’s 140th anniversary since the founding of AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers) by a small group of individuals in the electrical professions in New York in 1884.

The aim was to support professionals in their efforts to apply innovations for the betterment of humanity. On the other hand, the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) was established in 1912. The organization is devoted to radio, and then broadly to electronics. On 1st January 1963, both AIEE and IRE merged to form the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, or IEEE. At its formation, IEEE had 150,000 members 140,000 of whom resided in the United States. Over the years, IEEE’s membership number has grown to over three and a half times at the end of February 2024.

IEEE Region 10 (R10) was formed in 1967, and it was recognized as the IEEE Asia-Pacific Region in 1981. From the time of its formation, the membership number has grown from over 2,500 to nearly two hundred thousand. The growth rate is truly staggering, and it is mainly due to hard work and dedication from thousands of volunteers within the Region.

Over the years, members have contributed greatly to various fields of interest of IEEE, and they have brought significant impacts to humanity. The IEEE Milestone program was established to record and recognize such achievements.

“The IEEE Milestone program honors significant technical achievements in all areas associated with IEEE. It is a program of the IEEE History Committee, administered through the IEEE History Center. Milestones recognize the technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity found in unique products, services, seminal papers, and patents.”


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