Industry Day 2024 – Series 1

By Bernard Lim, Chair, IEEE R10 Ad Hoc Committee on Industry Engagement

On 1 March 2024, Industry Day 2024 Series 1, organized by the IEEE R10 Ad hoc Committee on Industry Engagement in collaboration with the IEEE Malaysia Section, IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS) Malaysia Chapter, IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) Malaysia Chapter, IEEE Asia Pacific University (APU) Student Branch, and MIMOS, took place.

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The event, held in conjunction with the R10 Annual General Meeting, brought together industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders from diverse sectors to address pivotal challenges, innovations, and opportunities shaping the regional and global landscape.

The morning session unfolded at Asia Pacific University Innovation and Technology, Technology Park, followed by an afternoon session hosted by MIMOS, which was established to initiate research and development in Microelectronics. The event aimed to cultivate collaboration, facilitate knowledge exchange, and encourage networking among participants. Attendees included representatives from the Malaysian semiconductor industry, students, and esteemed guests from IEEE, contributing to the enriching discussions and interactions throughout Industry Day.

The central theme of Industry Day 2024 Series 1 revolved around the challenges and opportunities within the global semiconductor landscape. The event commenced with an opening remark from Dr. Bernard Lim, Chair of the R10 Ad Hoc Committee on Industry Engagement setting the stage for insightful discussions ahead. Subsequently, Dr. Nordin Ramli, Chair of the IEEE Malaysia Section, extended a warm welcome, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in navigating the complexities of the semiconductor industry. Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Kuan, Vice Chancellor of APU, also graced the occasion with welcoming remarks highlighting the significance of academia-industry partnerships in driving innovation and advancement within the sector.

Dr. Lee Hing Wah commenced the session by shedding light on the Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems’ role in applied research and development within the Malaysian semiconductor landscape. Following Dr. Lee’s insightful presentation, Dr. Wong Shaw Fong, representing Intel, delved into the global semiconductor landscape, navigating the industry’s future. The stage then welcomed Noorazidi Che Azib, who provided an in-depth analysis of the semiconductor landscape’s Outsourcing Assembly and Test (OSAT) opportunities and challenges.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar took the floor next, discussing the expansion of IEEE’s outreach to the industry, and showcasing avenues for collaboration and growth. Lastly,Dr. Don Tan, shared valuable insights into IEEE Fellow activities and Industry Engagement, enriching the discourse with his expertise. The morning session concluded with a dynamic roundtable discussion, fostering further exchange of ideas and perspectives among participants.

During the afternoon session, the event relocated to the MIMOS facility, commencing with welcoming remarks from Prof. Lance Fung, Director of IEEE R10, and Prof. Takako, Director-Elect, of IEEE R10 delivered the closing remark.

The second session featured three speakers from IEEE: Joanne Wong, Andy Chen on Navigating the Innovation Landscape, and Bala Prasanna on Navigating the Career Jungle: Unleashing Your Success in Today’s Work Landscape, each offering valuable insights.

Following the presentations, attendees enjoyed a technical visit to explore the MIMOS facility. As a center of research excellence, MIMOS focuses on Semiconductors and Thin Film Research, Advance Electronics, and Embedded Systems where participants had the opportunity to observe the insights of the operations.

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