International Newsletter Editors’ Meetup

S.M. Saiduzzaman, Newsletter Editor for IEEE Bangladesh Section

Emphasizing the importance of newsletters and editorial activities, IEEE Bangladesh Section organized the 1st International Newsletter Editors’ Meetup on 5th September 2020, 6:00 PM- 9:30 PM Bangladesh Time. Dr. Celia Shahnaz, Chair for IEEE Bangladesh Section presided and moderated the whole session. She greeted the guests, participants, and speakers and introduced the theme of the event. Speakers of the event were:

  1. Dr S N Singh, Chair, FIEEE, IEEE India Council
  2. Dr Alan L. Harvey, LSMIEEE, Editor, Uplink, IEEE Victoria Section
  3. Dr Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi, SMIEEE, Chair, Newsletter Committee, IEEE Region 10
  4. Dr V K Damodaran, LSMIEEE, Past Newsletter Editor, IEEE India Council
  5. Dr Sushmita Mitra, FIEEE, Chair-Elect, IEEE Kolkata Section
  6. Dr V R Singh, LFIEEE, Associate Editor, IEEE TIM & Past Associate Editor, IEEE Sensors Journal
  7. Dr D. P. Kothari, FIEEE, Honorary Adjunct Professor, VNIT, Nagpur
  8. Dr Dipankar Pal, SMIEEE, Former Excom, IEEE Bombay Section
  9. Dr Roshan Joy Martis, SMIEEE, Chair, Senior Member Elevation, IEEE Mangalore Subsection
  10. Dr Niranjana S, SMIEEE, Past Editor, ENGMEDNEWS, BEMSI
  11. Dr Deepak Waikar, SMIEEE, Vice Chair, IEEE Education Society Singapore Chapter
  12. Dr Shaikh A. Fattah, SMIEEE, Editor, IEEE Power & Energy Society e-News.

Almost 60 participants joined the session. Majority participants were from India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Australia & Pakistan. Before the ending of the program, a short interactive session was moderated by Dr. Celia Shahnaz where participants shared their own experience and the learnings they got from the program. They thanked Dr. Celia and the team for such a unique and innovative event. Finally, SM Saiduzzaman, Newsletter Editor for IEEE Bangladesh Section concluded the event by a note of thanks to speakers and participants.