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If you are reading this article for the first time, thank you for your interest in the IEEE Region 10 Newsletter, where you will find what has taken place, and what will happen within the boundary of the IEEE Asia-Pacific Region.

On the other hand, if you are a regular reader, and you have read the past two editions published this year, I have a question for you, “What is the name of this Newsletter?” I am sure most of you have the answer right – it is called “Connect”.

This word means a lot to many. In numerous IEEE member surveys, one of the key reasons that members joined and remained in IEEE is “Networking”. This newsletter serves the purpose of providing information on opportunities to connect in the IEEE communities through local and regional events or activities. You are encouraged to watch out for events that are of interest to you, mark them on your calendar, participate either in person or online, get to know your fellow members, and most importantly, stay Connected!

The 2023 IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenge (VIC) Summit and Honors Ceremony was held on 5 May 2023 at Hilton Atlanta, USA. During the Honors ceremony, 26 awards were given to well-deserved recipients for their outstanding contributions and professional achievements. You can read about the 2023 medalists from

A recording of the ceremony is also available from IEEE.TV at

The IEEE Medal of Honor was received by Vinton G. Cerf, widely known as one of the “Fathers of Internet”. Without a doubt, his contributions have revolutionized communication between almost every person and organizations on planet Earth. The medal acknowledged his contribution to “Co-creating the Internet architecture and providing sustained leadership in its phenomenal growth in becoming society’s critical infrastructure.”

Another important Award is the IEEE President’s Award, granted to the Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Doreen Bogdan-Martin, for her “distinguished leadership and contributions to the public.”

Ingeborg J Hochmair and Erwin Hochmair received the IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal for “the research, development, and realization of multichannel microelectronic cochlear implants”.

They developed the implant in the late 1970s and co-found MED-EL, which carries out research, develops, and produces devices that restore the hearing of many, who are otherwise deprived of the ability of hearing, and missing out on important means of communication between one another. Such joy was echoed by Vint Cerf, as he shared that his wife is one of the grateful users of this wonderful innovation. She is now happily connected to the world through voice, sound, and music!

As I write, 2023 marches on. I am sure we all face Challenges one way or another. Let us be strong with perseverance, remain Connected, and work on Innovation together. This will bring ours, and IEEE’s Vision to fruition.

Wishing you all success in the coming months of 2023, and you will join as one of the IEEE Honors Medalists from the Region!

Lance Fung

IEEE R10 Director 2023-2024

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