Congratulations to IEEE MGA Awardees 2023

2023 MGA Young Professionals Achievement Award

Aishwarya Bandla
R10, Singapore Section
“For excellent efforts in mentorship initiatives for young professionals and women in engineering, and programs promoting cross-sector collaboration”

Arun M
R10, Madras, Section, India
“For outstanding leadership and sustained commitment to student and Young Professionals activities in the IEEE Madras Section”

Ashwini Appaji M
R10, Bangalore, Section, India
“For exemplary leadership and contributions to IEEE Students and Young Professionals activities for membership growth and retention”

Albin Paul
R10, Kerala Section, India
“For fostering young professional member relations, enabling collaboration, and driving innovation through virtual lab visits, humanitarian summits, and community projects”

Santhosh Sivasubramani
R10, Hyderabad Section, India
“In recognition of dedication, leadership, impactful contributions to IEEE through fostering member engagement and advancing professional growth within the young professionals community”

2023 MGA Leadership Award

Lee Yoot-Khuan
R10 – Malaysia Section
“For exemplary leadership and sustained contributions at Chapter, Section, Region, and global levels, significantly benefitting members, society and underserved communities”

2023 MGA Diversity & Inclusion Award

Paulina Yenbic Chan
R10, Hong Kong Section
“For exemplary leadership and achievements in promoting diversity and inclusion in IEEE and beyond”

2023 MGA Innovation Award

Aloknath De
R10 – Bangalore Section, India
“For exemplary leadership and outstanding contribution in leveraging Bangalore’s power industry and aligning initiatives of Section, Society Chapters and SAC, towards benefits for members in all lifecycle stages”

2023 MGA Achievement Award

Ramneek Kalra
R10 – Bombay Section, India

“For extraordinary contribution to pre-university education through IEEE WIE Project Based Learning School Camp in over 10 countries”

Sanjay Kar Chowdhury
R10 – Kolkata Section, India

“For exemplary contribution in the sustained growth of IEEE Kolkata Section”

R. Hariprakash
R10 – Madras Section, India
“For exemplary leadership and sustained contribution to membership development in the IEEE Madras Section”

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