Climate Change Round-Table Discussion on Indonesian TV with IEEE President

On 27 October 2023, sixteen participants representing the academia, government, and various industrial sectors sat together with the President of IEEE, Prof. Saifur Rahman, in a round-table meeting held in the studio of national TV broadcaster TVRI in Jakarta, Indonesia. The discussion took the theme of “Enabling Leaders To Build a Sustainable Future”, focusing on the climate change impact in different economic sectors and the leadership in promoting solutions toward reducing the impact. Among the participants were the Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Agency of Research and Innovation-BRIN, Prof. Amarulla Octavian, the CEO of TVRI, Mr. Iman Brotoseno, the Chair-elect of IEEE Malaysia Section, Mr. Bernard Lim, and representatives of the IEEE Indonesia Section.

The discussion was expected to be a first step into innovation, collaboration, cooperation, and communication among the involved parties. In the closing of the meeting, IEEE Indonesia Section stated its readiness to support and facilitate the collective efforts through the available networking among all stakeholders by using various resources made available by the IEEE. Collaboration with other IEEE Sections in the ASEAN countries was also in the plan. The round-table meeting was broadcasted on TVRI and streamed on TVRI youtube channel.

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