IEEE UCET IUB Student Branch [Lahore Section]

Iram Haider, Chairperson for IEEE UCET IUB EMBS Chapter

Development of Automated Hospital Assistance System to deal Isolated Patients of COVID-19

Undergraduate student members of IEEE UCET IUB EMBS Student Chapter, under the lead of chairperson Iram Haider, developed a system to deal with the medical emergency of COVID-19 that is affecting the whole world. This system is capable to hold the patient’s medical history to provide to the doctor, and allows communication and emergency alarm calls setup with IOT-based system for the interaction of LCDS. Also, it includes a robotic cart that can provide food and medicine to the base center conveyer on the call of doctor. It will help medical and paramedical staff to deal with hundreds of patients in less severe conditions, at the same time maintaining maximum social distance. Also, it will make the automatically assisted system capable of providing efficient and reliable services to the patients. The members consulted with the staff of local quarantine centers to tailor it according to their need.