Quarter Tech Talk Table 6.0 | IEEE QT3 Series

Prepared by: Ramneek Kalra, IEEE Impact Creator & YP

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A group of IEEE Young Professionals & Impact Creators gathered on 27th February 2022 (6PM – 8:30PM IST) to create awareness on Blockchain and form a collaborative platform by initiating “Quarter Tech Talk Table 6.0 (QT3)” in the form of a panel discussion on the topic “Role of Fungibility on Digital Assets & Currency”. This was conducted in collaboration with “Universal Access to Technology” (Technical Committee) of IEEE SSIT and IEEE Industry Engagement Committee.

The panelists for QT3 6.0 are:

Satish Babu (Founder-Director of the International Center for Free and Open Source Center (ICFOSS) of the Government of Kerala
Aishwary Gupta (Operations Lead at Polygon | Co-Founder- BlockchainByte & BattleBrains | Angel Investor)
Sagar Khasnis (Senior Cloud Architect | IEEE Young Professional)

Discussed Points:

Various insights from the 6th edition of Quarter Tech Talk Table Series included:

The negligence by the Indian Government by keeping the scams and sensitivity of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins.
Relationship and energy consumption of digital currencies from various sources of energies.
Blockchain applications and its importance in today’s world.
The involvement and assumption by people about cryptocurrencies in today’s digital world.

Round 1 (Closed Mic: Discussion on the role of fungibility on digital assets and currency)

The QT3 6.0 discussion started with a set of questions put forth to the panelists. The panelist touched various points ranging from the use case of blockchain and its application to views of the Indian government on digital assets.
Since there exists a trust on physical currencies produced by the Central Bank and are validated by the governments of different hierarchies, the usage of the same is considered to be the safest. Under constant observation of the digital coins, a panelist states that these currencies are volatile and so they aren’t officially approved by the Indian government.
As a researcher in the field, one of the panelists provided a deep overview regarding why the government of India is not favorably disposed towards cryptocurrencies in general. The speaker also provided possible options regarding digital assets available for Indians. The execution of data correctness using metadata and IoT were also discussed.
Another panelist being a CA and Co-founder of a blockchain related platform elaborated on the difference between public and private blockchains and explained which of them is better. The speaker stated that understanding and flexibility of digital coins have not been achieved till date.
The flexibility, transfer and exchange of money and commodities that are fungible and infungible has been explained. The same are related and differentiated from digital bitcoins and cryptocurrencies that are familiar to everyone.


Round 2 (Open Floor: Ask the Panelist):

Under this last section, the “Quarter Tech Talk Table 6.0 (QT3)” in the form of a Panel Discussion on the topic “Role of fungibility on digital assets & currency” was open to the virtual delegates for the Q&A session. This season of QT3 was a men’s special with all-men table-talk, and the discussion was on an important and trending topic of digital currency and assets.

With the ending of this QT3 6.0, founding Chair, Ramneek Kalra and advisor, Dr. Bozenna Pasik Duncan put together the thank you remarks to the panelists & delegates.

The recording of the event is available at: https://ieeetv.ieee.org/video/ieee-quarter-tech-talk-table-60-ieee-qt3-series.

For more information, check details and register for the next 7.0 Edition below at:

Website: https://attend.ieee.org/qt3/

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/QT3Register