Kerala Section

A.G. Hareendralal is a Life Senior Member of IEEE. His association with IEEE can be divided into three phases, namely learning phase in Kerala Section from 1982 to 1993; mentoring phase in UAE Section of R8 from 2000 to 2008; and golden phase, again with Kerala Section from 2012, winning several laurels. Though he came across IEEE as a student from IEEE Periodicals, he could not realize his dream of IEEE membership due to the subscription cost and lack of adequate information about its benefits. But the constant encouragement by his colleagues paved the way for his obtaining a membership in IEEE in 1982 and continued to be a member in spite of financial problems.

His first challenge was organizing National Workshop on ‘Computer Application in Power System’ in 1985, which was a grand success. This workshop provided him lot of opportunities: networking throughout the country, and achieving success in implementing computer applications in the power utility by procuring the first computer systems. This positive step led to a series of innovations in his company. This includes the installation of the first Wind Electric Generator, non-invasive detection of failures in underground cables, and attempting cloud seeding for the first time by a power utility in the country. This was a milestone in his career and aided him in his profession to a great extent.

Soon, he served Kerala Section in several capacities and finally becoming the Chair of Kerala Section in 1992. During this period, Kerala Section reached a commendable position in India Council as well as Region 10. He gratefully reminisces those periods where he worked guided, mentored and supported by the stalwarts of Kerala Section.

He joined the UAE Section as its Secretary in 2000. It was almost dormant with limited activities, around 200 members and one Student Branch. When he left UAE in 2008, the Section has more than 3000 members, with 6 Chapters, 11 Student Branches, one Sub-section and several International conferences to its credit. He was the founder Chair of PES UAE Chapter from 2000 to 2005. During this period, he could get recognition from several quarters because of his association with IEEE.

He was the Chair of PES Kerala Chapter and Vice-Chair in Charge of LMAG Kerala Section during 2016-2017 and Chair of LMAG for 2018-2019. During his chairmanship, PES Chapter saw phenomenal growth in its Membership and became the largest PES Chapter of IEEE and the Chapter won the Outstanding Small Chapter Award for 2017. LMAG was also adjudged the Outstanding LMAG for 2017.

During this period, more than 250 programs under PES and LMAG were organised on different topics for different target groups in line with the tag line of IEEE, “Advancing Technology for Humanity”. These include programs for housewives towards “Women Empowerment”, for socially and economically disadvantaged communities to uplift their social and economic status, and also for pre-university Students, first year Engineering Students, Student Members, Young Professionals, Women in Engineering, etc. These were organised joining hands with different organisations and different IEEE entities (YPs, WIEs, LMAGs, different government departments, different NGOs). Variety was the hallmark of the PES Chapter during this period.

He was adjudged the India Council Outstanding Volunteer Award in 2018, and R10 Outstanding Life Member Volunteer Award in 2020. Currently, as the Chair of Intersociety Activities Committee, he is working with 6 other professional organisations. The committee is successfully organising a Weekly Webinar Series every Wednesday between 6pm and 7pm IST. The Webinars have been received well by the participants from 15 countries making it a grand success.

Hareendralal feels that his association with IEEE has imbued a sense of professionalism in him and credits this to his success in his career and profession. IEEE is a platform where persons with different profiles can perform well in improving the quality of life for themselves as well as the society.