Prepared by: Jiann-Fuh Chen, Chair for Tainan Section

The IEEE Tainan Section, located in southern Taiwan, was initiated by a preparatory committee and formally established in 2003. It provides services to the members who reside in Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingtun. It has grown to a medium Section with currently more than 700 members and 18 Chapters along with two Student Branches. The Section is named after the city of Tainan, an ancient capital city on the island of Taiwan. For its rich folk culture and countless historical monuments, Tainan has become one the most popular sites to host international conferences in Taiwan.

The mission of the Tainan Section includes:

  1. Basic assistance to members of Tainan Section in membership development,
  2. Dissemination of knowledge in the broader fields of electrical and electronics engineering through holding of technical talks, seminars, conferences, symposia, workshops, tutorials, etc.
  3. Assistance to IEEE members in developing chapters and organizing various activities,
  4. Support to Student Branches.

Among its promotional strategies to recognize the technical achievements of members in industrial applications, the Section has instituted awards such as IEEE Tainan Section Delta Award, IEEE Tainan Section Macronix Award, and IEEE Tainan Section Himax Award. These awards have been highly appreciated by the members.

2020 was a rough year for the Section due to the pandemic. Many sponsored conferences were either cancelled or held virtually. Nonetheless, the Section has been holding all the regular board meetings and annual member meetings with adequate safety measures. The constant activities, though not in a large scale, allowed the Section to bring its members together during these difficult times. Looking ahead, the Section will continue to stay alert and cooperate with R10 to promote various activities considering the restrictions.

Thanks to the contributions of the Section officers over the years, the Tainan Section continues to thrive both in academics and industry relations. For its efforts, the Section was awarded the R10 Best Membership Growth Medium Section Award in 2020.