Webinar on “How to write a technical paper in IEEE format ” and Photonics Lecture Series: Current Trends in Surface Plasmon Resonance Optical Sensors

Yasmin Mumtaz Ahmad, ExComm Strategic Communication for IEEE YP Malaysia

The Library of Malaysian-German Institute together with the Department of Communication Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering UTM JB, and IEEE YP Malaysia has organized a Webinar entitled how to write a technical paper according to IEEE format. The Webinar was delivered by an Electrical Engineering Senior Lecturer, Dr. Osman Ayop which was held on 8th January 2021. A total of 08 teachers participated in 02 hours sharing sessions. Dr. Alia Sheh Omar presented current trends in ‘Surface Plasmon Resonance Optical Sensors’ for the Photonics Lecture Series 02/2021 which was held on 19th May 2021. A total of 18 participants participated in this webinar.