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WE as WIE #1 “Smart Career Management”

Prepared by: Akila Wijethunge, IEEE R10 Women in Engineering Committee

The ingaural session of “WE as WIE” organized by IEEE R10 Women in Engineering Committee was held on 31st August 2021 sucessfully. ‘’WE as WIE’’, a series of workshops focusing on career management, soft skill development, leadership skills and technical skills where engineers from diverse backgrounds share their experiences with prospective women in engineering and participants. The event was organized by Aishwarya Bandla and Akila Wijethunge on behalf of the IEEE R10 committee. IEEE R10 Director, Deepak Mathur grace the occasion by welcoming the participants. The first session was conducted on Smart Career Management by Chitra Venkatraman (IEEE Senior Member – North Jersey Section, Region 1).

.Chitra explores the concept of Smart Career Management, which is a continuous process of aligning oneself with the work environment in addition to focusing on effective execution of work assignments. Key topics covered in this presentation include Personal Development, Organization, Time Management, Communication, Management of Peer/Manager Interfaces, Performance Review, Networking and Corporate Awareness. Examples collected from engineers and managers with decades of experience was used to illustrate how most work assignments and events can be executed to get both short-time results and long-term benefits. As key take-aways a top-10 of “do’s” and “don’t’s” were shared with the participants.

Along with the workshop series, another initiative by IEEE R10 WIE , “MentorHer” as a pilot mentorship program, was announced and participants were encouraged to take part in the remarkable initiative as well. IEEE R10 WIE Chair, Emi Yano and the executive committee would like to thank all the parcipants for making the event a success.

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WE as WIE by IEEE R10 Women in Engineering Committee