Special Tributes to Prof. Byung-Gook Park

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We miss Prof. Byung-Gook Park very much, as he was our very good friend through many IEEE activities. He was a dedicated IEEE volunteer, served as Seoul Section Chair 2014, Region 10 Secretary 2017-2018, Region 10 50-Years Celebration Coodinator 2017, Region 10 Strategic Planning Committee Chair 2019-2020, MGA Strategic Planning Committee member 2019, MGA Sections Congress Coordinator 2020, Region 10 Vice Chair for Membership Activities 2021-2020, and many others. He was a candidate for 2023-2024 Region 10 Director-Elect.

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Region 10 Executive Committee 2018

We all know his sincere working style; he was friendly but doesn’t waste a lot of time talking, and he gets the jobs done in time. His work is reliable, and so he was a very important member of our Region 10 Executive Committee. We woul like to follow his great passion and dedication in our IEEE volunteer work and in our daily life. He will always be in our hearts. I heard that he had a heart attack. I actually had a heart attack in February this year. I guess the good dies and the unimportant survives in the similar circumstances. We all miss him very much. May his soul rest in peace. My sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones.

Akinori Nishihara, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Region 10 Past Director 2019-2020

Prof. Byung-Gook Park worked with me as R10 Secretary from 2017 to 2018, and he was a person who was thorough in everything and always prepared ahead of time. Thanks to him, I was able to serve as Director. The big events we held were the R10 AGM in Tokyo in March 2017 and the IEEE Sections Congress in Sydney, which was the 50th anniversary of Region10..

He must have been busy with his research as an IEEE Fellow, but he was sincerely doing everything in Region10 with all his heart. Even after the 2018 TENCON conference, he devoted his time to events with attendees in Seoul and IEEE President Jim Jefferies’ visit to Seoul National University.

Professor Byung-Gook Park was truly a person who pursued his work without speaking much, was loyal to the group he belonged to, and showed meekness and consideration for others.

I miss Prof. Park.

Kukjin Chun, Region 10 Past Director 2017-2018


Prof. Byung-Gook Park was not only a great scholar academically, but he was also respected as a human being. He is remembered as a perfect person with gentle and warm personality, who puts all his heart into even the smallest things. Although he is not here , his soul and spirit will remain in our hearts and will be remembered. Rest In Peace.

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IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Membership Development award ceremony

JeongYon Shim, IEEE Region 10 Seoul Section WIE Chair


I met Prof. Byung-Gook Park for the first time on 13th January 13 1996, which is 26 years ago now. I still remember that time when I was a high school student who applied for Seoul National University and met him as an interviewee. While conducting the entrance verbal test, he coached me to answer with more proper electrical terminologies and physics having very warm smiles on his face. I wanted to enter the university so that I could meet him. The dream came true soon.

After taking some undergraduate courses with him and completing the military service, I joined his lab and spent 6 years to get the Ph.D. degree. I wanted to go with him wherever he went, not just for conferences and events, but also along the ways of his thinking and attitudes to work, research, electrical engineering, people including students and colleagues.

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Prof. B.-G. Park’s greetings at a conference
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Listening to a presentation at TENSYMP 2021

I believe that he was a person of great affection to human and had paved less traveled roads. The last place in which I saw him have reached was IEEE. Several years ago, he thought about being promoted to an IEEE Fellow to be more responsible for IEEE. He asked me the initial nomination letter for the procedure although he had famous researchers and engineers as his colleagues, which had me recollect his modesty and humbleness that he had always pursued.

He wanted to make contributions to IEEE Region 10 and IEEE societies by his services and make the betterment in daily lives of unknown people through his teaching and research. I have been really happy with him since my twenties, and I am still happy in memory of him. I miss him so much.

Seongjae Cho, Senior Member, IEEE Seoul Section, Associate Professor at Gachon University


I met Prof. Byung-Gook Park for the first time when I was the Chair for IEEE Malaysia Section in 2017 and he was the Secretary for IEEE Region 10, and we worked together to host the IEEE TENCON 2017 in Penang, and the IEEE Region 10 Annual General Meeting 2018 in Langkawi, Malaysia. He was always very easy to work with, and the new of his passing was met with huge sadness. My sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones.

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Prof. Park at the IEEE Region 10 Annual General Meeting 2018 in Langkawi, Malaysia

Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi, IEEE Region 10 Newsletter Chair


I treasured the times working together with Prof. Byung-Gook Park. His pleasant, soft-spoken, and kind-hearted character will always be in my memory. His contributions will never be forgotten, and his gentle demeanor will be missed.

Ewell Tan, IEEE Asia Pacific Office