IEEE Kansai Section LMAG

LMAG Kansai Held the Lecture and Social Meeting Online

Toru Chiba, Vice Chair for IEEE Kansai Section LMAG

On 25th February 2022, IEEE LMAG Kansai held the first lecture and social gathering online with 31 participants, including members from the Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, and Nagoya Sections. The lecture was titled “CybersecuritySecurity behind the Evolution of Cyber Technologies” delivered by Mr. Mitsuo Kojima, a CEO of imatrix holdings corporation, and Mr. Hibiki Oka, a Senior Researcher at imatrix research laboratory corporation.

The speakers talked about the history, present situation, and the future of cyber security – very timely
topics under the current situation caused by the COVID19 pandemic for all Internet users, including

governments, corporations, and consumers. All the 31 number of participants got interested in the topics, and fruitful discussions about future technologies continued until the time limit. LMAG Kansai plans to hold this kind of lecture and social gathering online throughout the year.