IEEE R10 Director’s Message 2024

Happy New Year to all readers and IEEE members. I wish everyone a successful and productive 2024.

It is customary that new resolutions, goals, and plans are drawn at the beginning of the new year, what are yours?

The IEEE Region 10 Executive Committee held the first meeting at Okinawa, Japan, on 6th January, 2024. 39 delegates, including members of the 2023/2024 R10 Executive Committee, Nomination and Advisory Committee, Chair of Fukuoka Section, Chair of Japan Council, and staff from IEEE Asia-Pacific Office attended.

I addressed the meeting with eight words start with the letter “R”, to inform, challenge and inspire the delegates.

  1. Refresh – As IEEE volunteers, we need to refresh our mind on why we do what we do. The focus should be aligned with the IEEE MGA Mission and Vision on Inspire, Enable, Empower and Engage members of IEEE.
  2. Report – I reported my engagements and activities in 2023, which had incurred over 20 overseas trips, more than 100 individual flights and many presentations online or in person each month!
  3. Review – IEEE Membership numbers updated from November, 2023 illustrated 40% of the IEEE members are now residing in R10.
  4. Regroup – I gave an overview of the 2024 ExCom members, with breakdown of diversity in gender, countries and geographical locations. 
  5. Reaffirm – The focus of IEEE R10 maintained to be in alignment with the IEEE MGA vision in 2023-2024. In particular, the tagline “R10 for RIO” was used to highlight the emphasis on Retention, Industry, and Outreach.
  6. Reflect – A question was asked, “What can we learn from Okinawa?”,  the answers being the keys of longevity of the residents on the islands.
  7. Re-engineering – The challenge is how to apply the lessons from Okinawa to R10, PU’s and Volunteering?
  8. Rejoice – Volunteering can only be sustained if volunteers are happy who they are, and believe in what they do – these should be the reasons to rejoice!

Three R10 Vice-Chairs and their committee chairs then presented their 2023 activities reports and plans for 2024 in three sessions. Each session was followed by lively participation and constructive suggestions on the proposed projects and budgets.

Chairs of the “Ethics and Enterprise Risk Management” Committee, Ad-hoc committees on “Volunteer Upskills and Enhancements”, and, “Outreach and Retention”, “Nomination and Advisory” Committee, and “Finance and Budget” also presented their plans. The meeting finished with an overview of the 2024 calendar, and R10 AGM agenda in March, 2024.

The 2024 ExCom Meeting has been very successful and productive. It was conducted in a cordial and friendly manner with fun and laughter. With the current 2024 Executive Committee, I am sure we will achieve the goals of longevity, vitality and a healthy IEEE Region 10. Thank you to all.