IEEE Sendai Section LMAG

Sendai Section LMAG Meetings on July 2022

Kunio Sawaya, Chair for IEEE Sendai Section LMAG

Sendai Section LMAG held the following online Special Lecture Meeting on 30th July 2022 with 590 attendees. The first lecture, “Current Status and Prospects of Thermonuclear Fusion Research” was presented by Akio Komori (Visiting Professor, Nagoya University). The whole picture of the core plasma physics necessary for thermonuclear fusion reactors is being clarified, and its systematization is in progress, except for transient phenomena of Tokamak type devices. Fusion power generation will be realized at an early stage, but in reality, there are still fundamental problems to be solved. The second lecture, “Prospects of Fusion in Space – Issues on Energy and Environment” was presented by Masaaki Inutake (Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University). Both toroidal magnetic fusion and inertia (laser) fusion have recently made a big progress. Properties of ultra-high-density plasmas in the sun’s core and the laser-implosion are introduced, together with the successful laser burning attained by the NIF device.