IEEE R10 Humanitarian Technology Activities (HTA) Committee

Committee Chair: Emi YANO

“Working together for our future. IEEE’s professional and diverse community is a strength for promoting sustainable development and humanitarian activities”

The mission of the Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Activities (HTA) committee is to inspire professionals and engineers to become socially responsible and be engaged in developing technological solutions, which are cost-effective and sustainable; improving conditions and livelihood of people thus making a difference in people’s lives.

Our objectives are:

  • Encourage IEEE members, students, young engineers, and WIE members to work in the Humanitarian Technology areas, especially at the regional level.
  • Encourage Sections in R10 to support and contribute to the Humanitarian Technology areas.
  • Create awareness and increase the visibility of Region 10 HTA among the IEEE local volunteers regarding the significant use of technology for humanitarian purposes through both online and in-person sessions by experienced SIGHT Volunteers/International Humanitarian Organizations.

We are planning 4 projects in the areas of Engagement, Funding, Visibility Enhancement, and Awards in 2023.

I am delighted to work with my subcommittee members, SIGHT group chairs, and members in region 10 who are interested in Humanitarian Technology Activities.

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