IEEE R10 History and Individual Member Benefits Committee

Committee Chair: Harry McDonald

“The R10 history committee promotes the collection, writing and dissemination of historical information in the fields covered by R10 IEEE technical and professional activities”

I am Harry McDonald a retired electrical engineer from Perth, Australia, and have been an active IEEE volunteer in many roles for 40 years. The other members of the R10 History and IMB 2023 committee are:

  • Prof Jong Chang Yi from Hongik University, South Korea. He is also the past chair of the History and IMB committee.
  • Dr. Masayuki Shigematsu is the Chief Engineer from Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Japan and is a welcome addition to the committee.

Other regional volunteers are needed to broaden the outreach of our rich regional history.

  • Recording the R10 history on the R10 web page will take the highest priority. The IEEE Milestones and status/updates of any pending milestone applications will feature. This is ongoing work throughout 2023.
  • A new initiative called ‘stepping stones’ will be trialed in R10. This idea has been used in another IEEE region. It is a similar achievement to milestones without the 25-year minimum service. The intention is to launch this after the IEEE R10 AGM in March.
  • Any opportunities to promote region-wide individual IEEE member benefits will be pursued. These however tend to be more localized or national.
  • Encouragement of other IEEE OUs to record their local history.

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