IEEE Region 10 Student Activities Committee

Committee Chair – Prof. Jennifer Chua Dela Cruz

Student Representative – Ms. Warunika Hippola  

IEEE Region 10 Student Activities Committee (R10 SAC) is the committee under the Region 10 Executive Committee, which is focused on the development of the student members across IEEE Region 10. Being one of the largest regions of IEEE, Region 10 SAC caters to more than 1750 Student Branches, 69 Sections, and 60000 student members.

To address the key areas of focus, R10 SAC consists of a team comprising a diverse and vibrant group of volunteers who have performed extraordinarily in their volunteer careers. Collectively, the team is dedicated to bringing support and creating opportunities for student membership.

In 2023, The major focuses of R10 SAC are the revival and closure of Student Branches and student outreach. Our goal is to increase the number of students applying for student-centered opportunities delivered by IEEE. R10 SAC has a range of activities lined up for the year 2023 and we are excited to share the news soon. The major activities for 2023 include;

  • Awards and recognition for the volunteers and Student Branches of IEEE Region 10.
  • Funding support for Section Student Activities Committees and Student Branches for student activities under two major categories: Section Student Branch Revival Fund (SSBR) and Membership Development and Leadership Training Fund (MDLT)
  • Recognize technically skilled students across IEEE Region 10 with contests: IEEE Region 10 Student Research Paper Contest and IEEE Region 10 Undergraduate Project Video Contest.
  • Organize training and webinar programs for students in IEEE Region 10.
  • Closely monitor the activities of Section Student Activities Committees and Student Representatives and provide support.

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