Quarter Tech Talk Table 5.0 | IEEE QT3 Series

Prepared by: Ramneek Kalra, IEEE Impact Creator & YP

A group of IEEE Young Professionals & Impact Creators gathered on 4th December 2021 (6PM – 8PM IST) to create awareness on technology and form a collaborative environment by initiating “Quarter Tech Talk Table 5.0 (QT3)” in the form of a Panel Discussion on the topic “Role of Technology in Climate & Sustainability” as a Special Women’s Edition. This was conducted in collaboration with “Universal Access to Technology” (Technical Committee) of IEEE SSIT and IEEE Industry Engagement Committee.

In continuation with the successful completion of the previous editions of QT3, the prominent YPs and Impact Creators across the globe once again came together for a panel discussion in the 5th edition of QT3 held on 4th December 2021. The panelists are listed below:

 Sudipta Debnath (Enterprise Software Architect – Proactive Software at Cisco)
 Prachi Shevgaonkar (Founder, Cool the Globe – A Citizen-Led Platform for Climate Action)
 Wioleta Burdzy Seth (Co-founder of Human Circle, Founding & Steering Committee Member of Youth for Sustainability India Alliance)
 Reva Bhardwaj (Sustainability Professional & TEDx Speaker)


Discussed Points:

Round 1 (Open Mic – Discussion on the Role of Technology in Climate & Sustainability):

 The discussion started with an input from one of the panellists about sustainability and the role of energy in the same. The speaker insisted on the cause and usage of non-renewable energy in day-to-day life. Another point includes the existence of a circular economy and the responsibility of market leaders in implementing sustainable technology.
 Another panellist shared her views on sustainable technology, where insights including technology as an enabler in solving the climate crisis were shared. There were also thoughts of the speaker about the interest and involvement of the young generation in sustainable technology with the inclusion of apps and recent techniques.
 A panellist put forth her thoughts about the role of technology in sustainability and the dependence on climatic conditions. The experience of the speaker from the past highly supported the role of sustainability and usage of energy.

Round 2 (Closed Mic):

 The closed mic discussion started with a set of questions put forth to the panellists. The panellist shared their views on how innovative ways are used by businesses to put their contribution in working for climate change by becoming environment-friendly and incorporating sustainable development targets.
 As an employee at Cisco, one of the panellists focused on how Cisco is contributing towards climate change and sustainability. She explained about Cisco’s Circular Economy with which they have created a measurable impact by making meaningful progress in reducing the environmental impact and accelerating the contributions to a circular economy.
 Another panellist being the founder of a citizen-led platform for climate action elaborated on how her digital campaigns regarding climate consciousness made an impact on the lives around her.
 The closed mic round was concluded with the fact that numerous businesses are putting forward their efforts to work towards a sustainable technology. With this comes an inevitable fact that IEEE plays an impactful role in leveraging technology for Climate and Sustainability.

Round 3 (Open Floor – Ask the Panelist):

Under this last section, the “Quarter Tech Talk Table 5.0 (QT3)” in the form of a Panel Discussion on the topic “Role of Technology in Climate and Sustainability” was open to the virtual delegates for the Q&A session. This season of QT3 was indeed special as it was an all-women table-talk, and the discussion was on a remarkable topic of technology and its impact on global concerns.

With the ending of this QT3 5.0, the QT3 Advisor, Dr. Prashant R. Nair & founding Chair Ramneek Kalra put together the thank remarks to the panelists & delegates.

The whole session of QT3 5.0 can be viewed at: https://ieeetv.ieee.org/video/ieee-quarter-tech-talk-table-50-ieee-qt3-series

Information on the next QT3 Edition can be obtained at the links below:

Website: https://attend.ieee.org/qt3/

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/QT3Register