IEEE R10 Ethics Awareness & Advancement Committee (EAAC)

Committee Chair: Dr Sudeendra Koushik

“Ethics is the fundamental, hygiene factor on which every good is built on. This is the personal fabric through which we weave all our contributions to society through IEEE”

The role of this committee is to make our volunteers and partners aware of how crucial and non-negotiable ethics is, in all our endeavors. The committee intends to build awareness and advance this across all our volunteers, members, and partners in a phased manner. The committee is building a plan to build awareness through gamified training modules and instill pride in having our members take a pledge subsequently. We would like to instill pride in our valued members to be aware of what and how to integrate the IEEE Code of ethics in our day-to-day activities.

The committee is comprised of the following members: Dr Siva Reddy (Convenor), Dr Takako Hashimoto, Dr. Suresh Nair, Prof. Mousmi Ajay Chaurasia

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