Special Articles on Climate Change

IEEE members from Region 10 are invited to submit

  • Reports on activities related to Climate Change, and/or,
  • Ideas on initiatives to address Climate Change in the Region

aligning with the objective to address IEEE’s focus and direction on meeting the challenges due to Climate Change.
The articles can be submitted via https://newsletter.ieeer10.org/submission/ under the category Special Article on Climate Change with a word limit of 150 words.
Considering the importance of IEEE initiatives on climate change, IEEE R10 Director Prof. Lance Fung has formed an Ad Hoc Committee on Climate Change chaired by Dr. Shaikh Fattah with Dr. Nirmal Nair and Engr Parkash Lohana.
We look forward to your valuable contribution to the Special Call on Climate Change, which is intended to report responses and activities and raise awareness within R10.
IEEE Resources on Climate Change: https://climate-change.ieee.org/news/
IEEE Xplore: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/search/searchresult.jsp?topic=climateChange
IEEE SA: https://standards.ieee.org/beyond-standards/cop26-ieee/

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