IEEE R10 Young Professionals Projects and Activities

By Mayesha Tafannum, Vice-Chair, IEEE R10 Young Professionals Committee

The IEEE R10 Young Professionals Committee has yet again demonstrated its commitment to supporting young professionals by spearheading a variety of funding opportunities and successfully organizing a diverse range of activities throughout 2023.

Awards and Recognitions

One of the committee’s primary focuses is its recognition and awards program, which aims to acknowledge exceptional individuals and Young Professional Affinity Groups (AGs) within IEEE Region 10. These prestigious awards are granted based on various criteria, including leadership capabilities, professional development initiatives, networking efforts, and activities that facilitate a smooth transition from student to young professional. The evaluation process is currently underway, and the notification of recipients is scheduled to be announced by the end of September 2023.

The recognition and awards program serves as a noteworthy platform to honor and celebrate the achievements and contributions of remarkable individuals and AGs. By meticulously evaluating the nominees, the committee endeavors to identify the most deserving recipients who have exhibited outstanding leadership qualities, actively pursued professional growth, engaged in valuable networking opportunities, and undertaken impactful initiatives that foster the development of the young professional community.

UpSkill 2023

Another significant initiative undertaken by the committee was the UpSkill program, specifically designed to promote collaboration among Young Professional AGs, organizations, and student branches. This program encourages the planning and execution of events that focus on facilitating the transition from student life to the professional realm. In the first round of proposals, thirteen submissions were received, and after careful consideration, funding was approved for six sections, namely Bombay, Islamabad, Kharagpur, Madras, Sri Lanka, and Uttar Pradesh. These selected sections will receive the necessary resources and funds to organize events that contribute to the growth and development of young professionals within their respective regions.

The UpSkill program stands out as a collaborative effort that aims to ease the journey from student to young professional. By empowering Young Professional AGs, organizations, and student branches to host events that specifically cater to this transitional phase, the program provides invaluable opportunities for growth, networking, and learning. Ultimately, it equips young professionals with the skills and resources they need to thrive in their chosen fields.

To learn more about the UpSkill Round 2, visit the following link:

Collaboration with R10Talk

The team collaborated with volunteer support to organize IEEE R10Talk which is a joint endeavor of IEEE R10 Industry Relations Committee, R10 Professional Activities Committee, R10 Young Professionals Committee, R10 Women in Engineering Committee, R10 Student Activities Committee and R10 Life Members Committee focusing on enhancing the awareness of trending topics to the community. In May, the R10 Young Professionals Committee organized a talk on “Future Directives of Offshore Wind Technology, and Emerging P2X and Energy Island Concepts” by Dr Gayan Abeynayake, Power System Specialist at Ørsted.

CLAP 2023

The IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals Career Leadership Aid Program (CLAP) is an innovative initiative that aims to equip student and graduate members with the essential skills and knowledge needed to achieve their career goals. With its pilot program launched in 2021, CLAP has gained global recognition as a valuable resource for promoting the transition of IEEE students to young professional membership. In 2023, CLAP is all set to make its physical debut in collaboration with IEEE Region 8 Young Professionals, augmenting its scope and influence. The distinguished role of hosting this year’s CLAP has been bestowed upon the IEEE Kerala Section. CLAP aims to achieve several objectives. It provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of potential career paths, enhances their leadership abilities, and helps them identify their unique strengths. This program covers various areas such as career planning, resume writing, professional communication, and entrepreneurship. This year’s CLAP introduces exciting new elements. Participants can engage in multiregional discussions and forums, visit industries for hands-on experience, and conduct onsite interviews with global companies. CLAP also offers networking and learning platforms, facilitating connections with professionals from diverse backgrounds. It also aims to foster collaborations and mentorship opportunities, particularly in countries with significant heavy industries. Don’t miss this chance to shape your future and unlock your leadership potential. Join the grand debut of CLAP and propel your career within the IEEE community.

GEMS 2023

Lastly, the committee has introduced the GEMS Internship Program, which adds a new dimension to its offerings. This exclusive training initiative provides participants with valuable industry experience in web development, content creation, and design. By focusing on skill development and offering industry exposure, GEMS empowers young professionals to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields and expand their professional networks. For more information about the GEMS Internship Program, please visit:

The IEEE Region 10 Young Professional Committee takes pride in its dedication to supporting activities aimed at promoting a smooth transition from students to young professionals and in its commitment to serving its members. More new initiatives and programs are on the horizon which we are thrilled to reveal. Stay tuned for further updates!

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