Interview with Prof Lance Fung, 2023-2024 IEEE R10 Director

Interviewer: You have created a tagline – IEEE R10 10 out of 10, please tell us what does it mean?

Prof Fung:It’s quite interesting that this term, Region 10 out of 10 just came out of the blue. It was during one of my presentations a couple of years ago, and we were talking about what was my aspiration. I just said we want R10 out of 10. We should aim for the highest standard….

Interviewer: Region 10 has established a committee on Ethics Awareness and Advancement. Why it is important to raise the awareness of Ethics in the Region?

Prof Fung: I believe that as a member of R10, all of us should be aware that we do have this Code of Ethics and I believe Ethics is essential in our human society where we build on trust. Trust can only build on common agreeable standards and requirements…

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