IEEE Day at Sri Lanka Technological Campus

By Sithy Sabrina Samath, Chair, IEEE Student Branch of Sri Lanka Technological Campus

On 23 October 2023, the IEEE Student Branch of Sri Lanka Technological Campus celebrated IEEE Day. The online session aimed to raise awareness and spread the many accomplishments and benefits of IEEE to the undergraduates of the campus. The keynote speaker for the evening was Ms. Michelle Perera, Chair of the Student Activities Committee of the IEEE WIE Sri Lanka Section. Over 35 attendees participated in the fun-filled and insightful session.

Ms. Perera shared her expertise and informed participants about the volunteering opportunities available within IEEE. She also highlighted the feats and awards that IEEE offers to its members, as well as the technical resources, educational opportunities, and scholarships available. 

The session also provided a platform for students to interact with fellow IEEE volunteers and engage in an open discussion about how IEEE promotes a culture of innovation, strong leadership, and community. Overall, the celebration of IEEE Day served as a reminder of the rich history and wonderful journeys of the extraordinary volunteers of IEEE.

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