2023-2024 IEEE Region 10 EXCOM Members

R10 DirectorProf. Chun Che (Lance) Fung
R10 Past DirectorMr. Deepak Mathur
R10 Director ElectProf.  Takako Hashimoto
R10 Secretary & Sections Congress 2023 CoordinatorDr. Michael, Ling Chuen Ong
R10 TreasurerDr. Nia Kurnianingsih
R10 Vice-Chair of Members ActivitiesProf. Preeti Bajaj
R10 Vice-Chair of Professional ActivitiesDr. Zia Ahmed
R10 Vice-Chair of Technical ActivitiesProf. Takao Onoye
2023 R10 Awards & Recognition Committee ChairProf. Jing  Dong
2023 R10 Conference & Technical Seminar Committee ChairProf. Jong Chang Yi
2023 R10 Conference Quality and Management Committee ChairDr.  Sameer S. M.
2023 R10 Educational Activities Committee ChairDr. Chi-Un Lei
2023 R10 History and Individual Benefits Services Committee ChairMr. Harry  McDonald
2023 R10 Humanitarian Technology Activities Committee ChairMs Emi Yano
2023 R10 Industry Relations Committee ChairMr. Sanjay Kar Chowdhury
2023 R10 Information Management Committee ChairMr. Vijay S Paul
2023 R10 Life Members Committee ChairMr. Rajendra K. Asthana
2023 R10 Membership Development Committee ChairProf. Rajendrasinh Jadeja
2023 R10 Newsletter Committee ChairDr. Akila Hasanthinee Wijethunge
2023 R10 Professional Activities Committee ChairDr. Daniel Eghbal
2023 R10 Section & Chapter Committee ChairDr. Amit Kumar
2023-2024 R10 Strategic Planning & New Initiatives Committee ChairProf. Takako Hashimoto
2023 R10 Student Activities Committee ChairDr. Jennifer Chua Dela Cruz
2023 R10 Student RepresentativeMs. Warunika Madhubhashini Hippola
2023 R10 Women In Engineering Committee ChairDr. Khanita Duangchaemkarn
2023 R10 Young Professionals Committee ChairDr. Saaveethya Sivakumar
2023 R10 Zone Representative (North Asia)Dr. Seishi Takamura
R10 Advisory CommitteeProf. Akinori  Nishihara
R10 Advisory CommitteeProf. Kukjin Chun
R10 Advisory CommitteeDr. Janina Mazierska
R10 Advisory CommitteeProf. Toshio Fukuda

IEEE R10 Ad Hoc Committee Chairs 2023

Climate Change Ad Hoc Committee Chair
Philanthropy Initiatives Ad Hoc Committee Chair
Volunteers Upskills and Empowerment Ad Hoc Committee Chair
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Ad Hoc Committee Chair
Conference Steering Ad Hoc Committee Chair

Staff Support: Ewell Tan, IEEE Asia-Pacific Office

Staff Support: Leo Hwa Chiang, IEEE Asia-Pacific Office

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