IEEE R10 Conference Quality and Management Committee

Committee Chair: Dr Sameer S. M.

“As Region-10 CQM Chair, it is my privilege to help you to organize conferences that meet IEEE quality standards for procedures and publications. Please reach out to me at in case you are a conference organizer from Region-10. Region 10 organizes the most conferences among all regions. While we make several attempts to ensure quality, it is always a concern”

I am working as a professor and dean (academic) at NIT Calicut, India. I have served as the Chair of the IEEE Kerala Section during 2018–19 and Secretary of Region 10 during 2021–22. The CQM committee members are Prof. Cheon Won Choi, South Korea; Prof. Zhanyu Ma, China; Mr. Ambarish Natu, Australia; Prof. Fitri Yuli Zulkifli, Indonesia; Prof. Lamia Iftekhar, Bangladesh; Prof.  Bijoy A. Jose, India; Prof. Jong Chang Yi, South Korea; and Dr. Michael Ong, Singapore. 

The broad objectives of the R10 CQM Committee are to:

1. Develop strategies and guidelines to address issues related to conference quality and management in R10. 
2. Liaise with the IEEE Conferences Committee, IEEE Conference Quality Committee, MGA, and TAB on issues related to conference quality and management. 
3. Work with IEEE MCE to roll out conference education to the section leadership and conference organizers and to provide training needs early in the organizing process to support better outcomes. 
4. Open dialogue with conference organizers and conference sponsors in R10 organizational units concerning conference quality matters.

The committee plans to take up the following projects in 2023: 
1.    Promote sections and councils in R10 to create the Conference Application Review Committee (CARC) to review and support technical and financially sponsored conferences. 
2. Plan conference leadership training programs on the fringes of R10 flagship conferences and assist Sections in organizing workshops for conference organizers.

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