IEEE R10 Director’s Message

Prof. Chun Che (Lance) Fung

Dear Readers and IEEE members in Region 10,

Welcome to the first edition of the 2023 IEEE R10 Newsletter.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Professor Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi for chairing the IEEE R10 Newsletter Committee (NLC) in the past four years, together with his team of dedicated volunteers. I thank the NLC members in 2022: Prashant R. Nair, Tridibesh Nag, Lau Bee Theng, Redwan Farhan, Wathmini Sharika, Garima Patel, Nabeel Masoodi, Naila Mukhtar, and Vaishali S., who served in various roles in the preparation of the many editions of R10 newsletter over the past year.

I welcome our 2023 IEEE R10 NLC Chair, Dr Akila Wijethunge, who will lead another team of competent volunteers, including Dr Kevin Huang, Prashant R. Nair, Takefumi Yamada, Sajani Mayadunne, Kavinda Attapattu, Anu Sabu, Charindu Abeysekara, Vaishali S and Akarsh Ashok. Thank you for the commitment they have made, and we look forward to the fruits of their labor in the coming months.

In today’s environment, Newsletter is a powerful and important communication tool between an organization and its members, as well as readers who are non-members. The IEEE R10 Newsletter provides valuable and relevant content from the Region to the readers.

The mission and vision of IEEE Region 10 are aligned with that of the IEEE Membership and Geographical Activities Board, they are:

To Inspire, Enable, Empower, and Engage Members of IEEE

To serve the members better, the region will focus onrecruitment, retention, and rejuvenation; enhancing membership value and promoting member benefits; and, creating opportunities for participation and engagement in the coming activities.

To support the volunteers, the region will equip, educate, and engage them through the provision of training and upskilling opportunities.

The leaders in the region, are expected to serve and lead by example; initiate quality programs with impact and efficiency; and more importantly, exhibit ethical behavior professional performance, and accountability.

In the coming months, activities in IEEE Region 10 will be led by 30 experienced volunteers, as members of the 2023 R10 Executive Committee (ExCom), in various positions as Vice-Chairs, Committee Chairs, and members of the R10 Nomination and Advisory Committee. Each one of these leaders has a wealth of experience and organizational knowledge from different Organization Units (OU’s) within IEEE. They all have served in diverse executive positions within Affinity Groups, Chapters, Sections, Councils, Region as well as Committees and Boards. The Committee Chairs have invited many dedicated volunteers for the planning and execution of projects within their respective committees. We will see the rollout of the activities, and their outcomes in the coming editions of the R10 Newsletters.

Last but not the least, our Region 10 Director 2021-2022, Deepak Mathur, has steered the Region from strength to strength through the challenges of the global pandemic. We congratulate him for being elected as the IEEE Members and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board Vice President-Elect 2023. He will assume his role as Vice President of the MGA Board in 2024, providing leadership and service to the IEEE members.

Thank you for reading and let’s make IEEE Region 10, Ten out of Ten!

Lance Chun Che Fung

IEEE Region 10 Director 2023-2024

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